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      Speed dating isn’t too dissimilar to some recruitment processes!

      I saw an interesting article about how much time people invest in viewing a house before making an offer.  Santander’s research concluded that the average time spent viewing your new home is 96 minutes – surprising, even if you allow for more time studying the brochure, it’s a small amount of face to face time.  Indeed, the Santander study found one lady who viewed her future home for 15 minutes before offering!

      Buying a home may be the single most expensive purchase decision most of us make, and in business hiring people similarly is often the highest priced purchase decision, followed again by property decisions (one senior hire is often the same commitment as several 1,000 sq. ft of office on a lease).

      So how long do you spend on this “purchase decision”?  We asked some of our clients and the answers were varied.  Some have lengthy processes and others admit to making their up in the first 5 minutes of meeting a candidate. 

      We’ve thought long and hard about how to make it as easy (and quick) as possible to make the very best hiring decisions and we’ve developed an approach that gives more evidence to consider before you “make the leap” and hire.

      Firstly at the briefing stage we will discuss what experience, qualifications and competencies a candidate might need to excel your role.  We then start a three-stage process to create a shortlist for you:

      1. Find people with the right experience and qualifications – this can be done by reviewing CVs, checking references and interviewing possible candidates.

      2. As we know the competencies the candidate needs to be great at your job – we then use competency-based interviewing techniques to see if there is convincing evidence that they can do your job really well.

      3. The third stage is we get them to complete a proprietary psychometric profile we have developed called PFIT.  This covers personality traits, decision making approach, emotional intelligence, cultural preferences and their motivations.  The output is a one page summary or a long form report on the candidate.

      We call this approach  “Three levels of fit” and it enables our shortlists to give you as much insight into the candidates we put forward as possible, hopefully saving you time and making your hiring decision both as robust and as efficient as it can be.

      If you’d like to find out more about PFIT call us and we’ll share a code so that you can complete it on yourself.  See if you recognise yourself!

      Alistair Moore

      Alistair Moore – Chairman, Trace Recruitment

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