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A Job for Life?

Is 2020 the year for a career re-think?

We wanted to share some experiences on a long serving colleague who changed his path. From having a good career in media commercial finance to becoming a successful recruiter in media accountancy & finance. If you are in finance and considering a career change then I hope this helps…

A high proportion of people fall into careers. For the brave, this doesn’t mean it is a job for life, merely a stage or a stepping stone towards something else.

I met a candidate to discuss his CV; as you do! Having got to know him during the hour or so we spent together, I had a hunch he would be a good recruiter, and maybe he was ready for a change. We didn’t rush the decision – We had various meetings, work shadowing, discussed a business plan and met the team. It all led to him starting and 6 years later he has been our most successful experienced hire. No matter how busy, or quiet, supportive or unsupportive, the business is, this is a career where you absolutely make your own success. It will be impossible to avoid the odd trough, but by doing the right things there will be many more highs than lows. By doing the right thing by people you will create a personal brand and income that nobody can take from you. It can be relentless and unjust at times, but making that process happen for all parties, having variety in your day, being the master of your own destiny, and being part of a successful team & business is rewarding, both personally and financially.

Below are some aspects we believe are key to making the transition happen. The 1st 6-12 months will be the most challenging, so being realistic about what you are expected to achieve and earn is critical;

Personal Traits

  • Positive, determined and resolute
  • Empathy and comfortable building interpersonal relationships
  • Hard working with a degree of urgency and competitiveness
  • Business acumen and integrity


  • Sound general business knowledge, ideally with a deep understanding of a sector and accounting & finance
  • Good listening skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Previous experience or an understanding of how a sales role and associated KPIs work
  • Organised and detailed

Biggest Challenges

  • Learning to work in a completely different way – Going from a relatively structured role to one where no day is the same can be a challenge. ‘Spinning plates’ took on a new meaning!
  • Working for a small independent business – It can take time to adapt to this, where working relationships are closer as a result of this & you naturally will feel more exposed. However once over that hurdle you will be meeting lots of new people every week, one of the best parts of the job.
  • Feeling like a beginner again – Starting from scratch and having doubts whether you’ve made the right choice or whether you’ll be successful or not will happen. However, as you learn and develop new skills, every day, this turns to excitement and with success it becomes rewarding.

Of-course we are in a very difficult period, but there will undoubtedly be a recovery, and hopefully quickly across the UK. Therefore, changing now, learning the basics, and being ready for the bounce and next economic cycle may not be a crazy idea!?

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the above or have a general conversation about your career to date.