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      Do you suffer from phantom vibration syndrome?

      Have you had your phone in your pocket and thought you felt a vibration of a text or email arriving – only to find nothing had arrived?  Have you checked your email and when there was nothing new wondered (and checked) to see that email is still working?

      If this is you be re-assured that you are not alone!

      Keeping half an eye on email or phone messages may be having a huge impact on your productivity.  If you leave your email “on” and respond to alerts that you have a new message research has shown that you are distracted from what you are doing for perhaps 65 seconds, so if you get 100 emails a day that’s two hours of your day …………some studies have shown that time loss can be up to 28% of your day.

      So if you want to get an extra day or more a week to get stuff done then consider turning off email alerts and maybe consider switching off email for periods of your day.  Some businesses are experimenting with having their servers deliver emails before 9.30am then for an hour at lunchtime and again for an hour at 4.30pm.  The same goes for checking your phone for messages.

      So the next time you sense a vibration from your phone or go in search of new emails only to find your inbox hasn’t changed maybe reflect on how often you have checked your email / phone already that day and consider taking control of your work day!

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      T: 079 6819 6473
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