At the beginning of 2023 we agreed to educate ourselves on the topic of DEIB. Not that our recruitment practices needed a mass overhaul to be more inclusive, but we wanted to be more aware and knowledgeable.

It has been a great exercise for the team. Some key outcomes being:  

–     2-day workshop with the team at Balance

–     A new roadmap to enable training, enhancement of our customer experience, communication & administration

–     Recent internal training around inclusive language & advertising led by Gemma Smith and Ellie Prideaux

DIVERSITY EQUITY INCLUSION & BELONGING Trace – Expert Accountancy Recruitment

As experts in our sector, we recognise and hold ourselves accountable for the impact of inclusive recruitment and selection.

Our ambition is to lead the way. Creating an even playing field for finance talent and ensuring that the gate continues to widen so everyone has equal and equitable chances of a career in accountancy and finance.

As an employer, we want everyone to express their personal identity and experiences safely and comfortably. Having a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace culture is fundamental to everyone feeling like they belong.

Our Pillars:

Inclusive Assessment

Our unique approach to candidate assessment is based on understanding our candidates across skills, competency and person organisation fit. This approach helps to avoid bias in selection decisions, and our profiling tool PFIT helps ensure our candidates can thrive in the environments we are placing them in.

Continuous Learning

We have invested in and create time and space for inclusive recruitment training across our entire workforce. We will continue to educate ourselves, so we are able to remain confident, authentic and knowledgeable, both internally and externally with our clients and candidates.


By adding more awareness to our, already, open and inclusive workplace, we aim to go further with our clients and candidates. To consult and influence we can have a positive impact directly or indirectly on inequality. We will meet regularly to discuss feedback and continuous insights.

We have an Inclusive team spirit and are open to feedback. We understand it is important to challenge how we do things and look for ways to improve. Every voice counts, we care and are curious to know what you think. Please get in touch with your feedback: