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      The Halfway Point of August Anywhere

      The buzz in the office built steadily throughout July. Just before we all headed off for August Anywhere, we embarked on a team picnic in Hyde Park with a frisbee in hand, a game of spike ball and for a few rounds of cricket. This was followed by a few drinks in Mayfair. It feels like yesterday that we were wishing everyone a lovely August Anywhere.

      August Anywhere is our new company benefit giving staff the freedom to choose where in the world they wish to work from (Internet connection required of course). Staff also benefit from finish early Friday’s meaning that we really enable staff to have a sufficient refresh, with no commute and more focussed working time in a place of their choice.

      We’ve asked staff what they’ve enjoyed most at this halfway point and here the key takeaways:

      No commute. Although Trace offer staff a flexible, hybrid way of working all year round, staff can now have those extra hours each week to add in a gym session / go for a run and conquer the challenges they have set for themselves. Some may of course choose to stay in bed for an extra hour or two, whilst others have said they find they are most productive during the early morning hours and as such they use this time to send emails or research. There is no directive with this. Just freedom and trust that staff will navigate August in a way that best suits them whilst keeping on top of their work commitments.

      Waking up at the same time as you would do if you did have to commute is a great way to squeeze in an early hours’ worth of movement before work begins. Morning exercise also sets you up for the day. We have set the staff a small challenge next week on 2 of the days that they would normally commute in. We’re calling it ‘repurpose your commute’ and we’ve asked staff to do something for themselves on those days. They could go for a walk or hit the gym, read a book, or meet a friend for breakfast. Again, the choice is theirs. It just reignites the love of August Anywhere and gives some attention to self-care.

      We have staff who have travelled to see family in locations all over the world. From Sudan to Valencia, Dubai to the South of France, staff are working from wonderful places with views we just had to share. We have parents working while their kids play and making the most of being home to share a family evening meal each day. Lunch isn’t a quick trip to Pret now, it’s a sit down with family you may have not seen in years, or a kickabout with your child before handing them back over to the Grandparents while you get back to matching candidates with their perfect role.

      Finish early Fridays mean that some staff head down to the beach, kids can be picked up early from Summer camps and the weekend can start sooner.

      So far, our first August Anywhere has been a huge success. We’re delighted with the results and, once we’re back in the office in September, we’ll share more about how successful it has been

      Kaye – Business Support Manager

      To see more of the wonderful benefits of working for Trace Recruit alongside August Anywhere, have a look at: Work for us | Trace RecruitTrace Recruit

      If you are interested in being a part of our wonderful team, get in touch.

      Phone: +44 (0) 207 042 8420 Email: info@tracerecruit.com

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