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      Educate Yourself……

      By Jon Newman

      How will you feel coming out the other side of this pandemic?

      It’s an interesting question I’ve asked myself, and a few other people in one form or another lately. Are you going to dive back into work proud of how you used your time or full of regret that the colleague you sit next too won’t shut up about all the amazing things they did and/or learnt and you only managed to watch Friends from start to finish?

      Sadly not everyone has been able to work through these times, I’m really grateful that I get to keep working, but also a little jealous of friends and colleagues who are smashing through their DIY to-do lists, or doing short courses. It makes me wonder why anyone would do nothing but binge watch TV through all this.

      Something to think about:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if a key interview question in the near future will be along the lines of “what did you do during the COVID19 pandemic, and how did you improve yourself during that time?”. For those of you who aren’t currently working, please look into short courses that can add value to your skillset. There are soooo many out there, and lots of them are currently free or have crazy discounts.

      It doesn’t matter if you’re completely out of work right now, or just furloughed. Sink your teeth into something that will really interest you;
      1. because it’ll keep you busy; 2. because it’s better for you and your current and/or future employer which in turn should benefit you again.

      Make the most of this time and come out of this ahead in anyway you can!

      What have you signed up to do during all this? Throw some ideas out there, who knows…..?

      ……..you might just inspire someone.

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