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Service is everything to us
and we offer a thorough and
fresh approach to making
sure you hire the right person

Client Journey

1. We want
to meet you

We still believe good old fashioned face to face meetings start the process on the right footing. We want to learn as much as possible about you, your business, team
and role.

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2. Specification

Among other things, this is where we nail down three things:
1) Skills & Qualifications
2) Competencies
3) Cultural Fit

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3. Process &

We like a deadline so knowing what you want and when is key; We can also add value here by helping establish the perfect interview process

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4. Search, Asses, Select

We scout for the best talent via a multitude of channels and select the best. We meet EVERYONE we represent and this is where PFIT comes in.

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5. Shortlist

Our shortlists are exactly that. Short. You’ll get 4 -6 CV’s of candidates that can actually do the job you need them to. That fit your business.

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6. Interviews

We brief you on all candidates and brief all candidates on you. We feedback thoroughly and manage timeframes to meet the deadline.

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7. Offer Management & On-Boarding

We’ll make sure you secure the person you want, for the budget you want with absolute transparency. We can help with references and assist with the on-boarding as much as you like

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8. We’re in it for the duration

A successful placement is only the beginning in our eyes. We want long-standing relationships and we want to help with anything from salary benchmarking to interview training!

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