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3 M FTC Commercial Accountant

Commercial Analyst – Media – 3 Month FTC – GBP250 per day

Role Objective:

Our client who are a Media giant are looking for a Commercial Finance Analyst that will be responsible for delivering significant improvements to the Billings and Income processes for the Networks Media businesses in London. They will be leading the Commercial Finance related activities within the Billings and Income project. They will be reporting to the Billings and Income Project Manager but be supported in the performance of their tasks by the Commercial Finance team and other members of the project team in London.

Key Accountabilities:

Client Commercial contracts (core activity):

Work with the Client teams, as well as the Legal team and Commercial Finance team to obtain the latest commercial contracts for clients of the Media Brands
Investigate the existing client contracts and compare to the contract terms being used in the Media system and the terms being used in the forecasts
Get changes made to the Media system and forecasts where incorrect
If Media system is incorrect, then investigate extent of error and the invoices/credit notes to be generated to send to the client
Identify and implement processes for keeping the media system data current
Provide training to end users on the new processes
Design and implement a new quarterly review of client contracts

Revise Booking categories:

Booking categories need to be aligned with business / financial reporting requirements
Support the work that will be performed by key Client, Operations and Finance personnel to generate a new minimal set of bookings categories, particularly for Digital
Correct month of activity to be used for all bookings:

Comms to be created to explain what is meant by month of activity and our requirement to recognise revenue when the activity happens and not at the point of billing.
Comms also need to explain that lump sum bookings should not be put on to the system but split out according to month of activity. One invoice can still be raised inclusive of multiple bookings
New intercompany counter-party bookings and accruals process:

Intercompany accruals account to be reconciled on a monthly basis
With intercompany accruals being created via bookings, these balances will automatically fall into the intercompany accruals accounts for counterparties to agree
Commercial Finance to communicate Fee Share Agreements to all counterparties to an agreement

Support revision of forecast data within the Commercial Finance team:

Update billings and income data to reflect cost to client